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hu·man·ly: from a human point of view.

plau·si·ble: seeming reasonable or probable.

Welcome to a celebration of radical humanity and the plausibility of living with unapologetic purpose. A place where positive empowerment becomes a reasonable or probable outcome in all that we do, and for all those we influence.

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Podcast 10 – Work Life Balance

Amanda Gonzalez,
President and Lead Strategist of Iconic Strategies

Amanda Gonzalez is the President and Lead Strategist of Iconic Strategies, a consulting company focusing on marketing, branding, and engagement for various health system clients. Amanda is especially passionate about reaching multicultural audiences effectively and authentically, not only to increase healthcare brand loyalty but also to affect positive health outcomes among underserved communities. When she’s not busy crafting healthcare marketing strategies, Amanda enjoys making jewelry, listening to podcasts, and watching NHL hockey.



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