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hu·man·ly: from a human point of view.

plau·si·ble: seeming reasonable or probable.

Welcome to a celebration of radical humanity and the plausibility of living with unapologetic purpose. A place where positive empowerment becomes a reasonable or probable outcome in all that we do, and for all those we influence.

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Life Remodeled – Interview

How do we bounce back from a year like 2020? It’s fair to say that it was a year of uncertainty, and undoubtedly a year of challenges. It may be best remembered as a time of reckoning for issues of public health, social justice, political partisanship, and a variety of other controversial, and sometimes contentious realities. It was a year that forced individuals, organizations, and brands of every size to take a stand.  As we all navigated these challenges, it was clear that we at the Pink Collective needed to take a stand of our own. The need for healing, and our history as a storytelling agency inspired us to refine our mission and focus on “Empowering Positive Brands.”

As part of our enhanced focus, we are committed to shining a light on individuals and organizations that are PINK Positive in their values and impact their communities as proactive change agents.  To begin 2021, our PINK Positive Spotlight is focused on Life Remodeled, a Detroit-based non-profit that transforms lives and communities by organizing and executing large-scale, volunteer-fueled neighborhood revitalization projects.

Life Remodeled came to our attention through the film Cody High which documented their galvanization of community members, corporate sponsors, and volunteers to revitalize the Cody-Rouge neighborhood in Detroit. This 2014 project elevated Life Remodeled as a community change agent and was the catalyst for their continued work within the City of Detroit.

Welcome to our movement of empowering positive brands as we share this PINK Positive video profile of Life Remodeled featuring Chris Lambert, Founder & CEO and Dwan Dandridge, VP of Projects & Community Engagement.

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