The Pink Collective
The Pink Collective


Unusual Truth

We’re truth-driven, authentically gritty and confidently transparent people. We pursue and discover truths that breakthrough, shift and transform – perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behavior.

Why The Pink Collective

The Pink Collective, established in 2009, located in vibrant downtown Hollywood, Florida, is a uniquely collaborative, full-service creative experience agency that is passionately fearless in our pursuit of truths that transform people.

Our “collective team” business model brings a dynamic, multicultural, cross–disciplinary approach from business savvy brand, marketing, advertising, and media professionals with expertise across multiple industries and virtually all media channels.

  • We build awareness, change perception, strengthen attraction, inspire preference, build relationships, strengthen competitive advantage and create new market growth opportunities.

Meet Our Executive Team

The buck stops here. This is the team that is ultimately accountable for the creative output of our marketing Collective, and the growth-focused outcomes for our valued client partners. We are diverse in our perspectives, complementary in our skill sets but stubbornly cohesive in our commitment to empowering positive brands through our comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies.

Roly Rodriguez-Founder | Chief Executive Officer - The Pink Collective

Roly Rodriguez

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Wendy Rolon-Executive Vice President - The Pink Collective

Wendy Rolon

Executive Vice President

Richard McCulloch-Chief Experience Officer | Brand Strategist - The Pink Collective

Richard McCulloch

Chief Experience Officer | Brand Strategist

Suzan McDowell-Partner |  Public Relations - The Pink Collective

Suzan McDowell

Partner | Public Relations

Burt Bornstein-Brand Strategist & Creative Director - The Pink Collective

Burt Bornstein

Brand Strategist & Creative Director

Claudia Fernandes-Sr. Art Director - The Pink Collective

Claudia Fernandes

Sr. Art Director

Ralph Campbell-Director of Culture Optimization - The Pink Collective

Ralph Campbell

Director of Culture Optimization

Lucy Guedes-Office Manager - The Pink Collective

Lucy Guedes

Office Manager