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hu·man·ly: from a human point of view.

plau·si·ble: seeming reasonable or probable.

Welcome to a celebration of radical humanity and the plausibility of living with unapologetic purpose. A place where positive empowerment becomes a reasonable or probable outcome in all that we do, and for all those we influence.

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Podcast 11 – The Importance of Time Management

Ralph Campbell, CMC
President, Learning Optimized 
Certified Master Coach / Certified WLJ Disruption Advisor

Speaker. Writer. Workshop Facilitator. Corporate Trainer

“To leave a positive mark in peoples’ lives,
 so that the difference I make for others can never be erased.”
 Ralph’s Compelling WHY

Ralph Campbell is a passionate leader, teacher, and coach.  He has decades of experience in transformational leadership and performance-based consulting, as well as dignity awareness training and youth mentoring. He believes everyone can develop effective leadership skills in all areas of their lives that matter most to them. He has dedicated extensive research and training in the areas of performance enhancement and high-impact team building.

Prior to creating Learning Optimized and his dream career, Ralph built a successful 25-year business career that included serving as CEO of one of South Florida’s largest insurance agencies and co-founding two leadership training and development companies, Summit Education and Universal Dynamics.

His extensive offerings of innovative and creative workshops and speaking topics include: Rediscovering Dignity, Success Mindsets, The Seven-Point Framework of Personal Disruption, Burning Values, Your Compelling Why, Perceptual Intelligence, The Relationship Ring, and Cognitive Biases. Participants in his sessions begin to understand that achieving extraordinary results has no limits. They also quickly realize that Ralph’s authentic approach, ability to connect with people, and gift for building relationships make him an extraordinary coach and master teacher.

Ralph’s genuine dedication to helping others is rooted in his lifelong commitment to giving back to his community. He has supported and served on the boards of numerous charities, including Camelot Community Care, United Way of Broward County, Nova Southeastern University Ambassador, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, Women Elevated, Leadership Broward Foundation, Women in Distress, the National Conference for Community and Justice and ChildNet. He has been recognized as one of the

“Most Powerful African Americans” in South Florida.

He also was honored by the Sun Sentinel as a Community Hero and by the Broward County Public School System on Corporate Citizenship. A graduate of the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Leadership Program, “Building a High-Performance Business,” Leadership Broward XXII and Leadership Florida XXVII, Ralph earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Morehouse College. He begins his journey toward a master’s degree and Ph.D. in the Fall of 2022.

Ralph’s exceptional ability to help others grow is rooted in his upbringing in Key West, Florida, where he learned from and was supported by his three older sisters, all of whom have excelled academically and professionally.  All three hold either a Ph.D. or Juris Doctorate and are professors or senior staff at prestigious universities.

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